Work With Us

There are many ways that we can work together! From partnership and event opportunities, sponsorships and university programs. Just like the NXP HoverGames platform, we’re open to new ideas on how we can collaborate.

NXP Hardware and Software Partners

  • NXP HoverGames and the NXP HoverGames drone and rover platform is very flexible and has the ability to include almost any add-on component, companion computer, software, or associated solutions.
  • Showcase your software, vision, encryption, communication, charging, analog, or other solution in the context of a complete system solution.
  • Promotional activities in our ongoing drone and rover customer and marketing programs, in addition to NXP HoverGames.
  • Want to be a sponsor? There are many ways to contribute and help NXP HoverGames to grow. Contact us and we can schedule a meeting to determine the best way to move forward.


  • NXP HoverGames development platform is your quick-start tool to programming and hardware testing. It gives you a foundation to learn how about software for self-driving vehicles:
    • Introduction to MCUs.
    • Intro to C programming.
    • Networking.
    • Control theory.
    • Robotics.
    • Communications.
    • Modern methods of working in large software projects.
  • Provides the perfect environment to add further NXP or third-party components that make drones the ultimate smart device.
  • Undergraduate-, graduate-, and research-friendly, participants are invited to NXP HoverGames at any level. Talk to us about your specific needs.
  • Alignment with senior project proposals or other university activities is possible.
  • Use in labs, engineering societies and robotic clubs – even if you do not want to participate in the NXP HoverGames challenge

Non-profits and sustainable developments

  • Show us your greatest ideas on how drones could make our lives better! The NXP HoverGames drone kit for experimenting. Together, let’s prove that hardware and software can make the world a better place!
  • NXP HoverGames is open to everyone, everywhere.

Other associations and organizations

  • Unfamiliar with electronics? That’s okay – there are many ways you can benefit from the NXP HoverGames. Storytelling, location sponsoring, … . Let us think outside the box and create something fantastic together.
  • Already have your own robotics competition? We’re happy to help with our hardware solutions. Let’s see how we can work together to create the best experience for your participants.

Let’s get the conversations rolling... email us!