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Imagine building a drone system that cleans polluted beaches or streets. Or it can fly a precise pattern to report on flood monitoring poles. It could even deliver medical supplies where no car can reach. With NXP HoverGames, your coding and hardware development efforts address similar real-world societal challenges.

Participants use the NXP HoverGames drone development kit. The hardware and software of the developer kit is open, flexible, and modular and includes professional, automotive, and industrial-grade components enabled by the PX4 flight stack. PX4 is the largest commercially deployed open source flight stack and supports contemporary airframe architectures including VTOL aircraft, multicopter, and rover profile. With some challenges, additional hardware may be required (you may either need to purchase or qualify for to receive a coupon or no cost).

Some challenges are as simple as “getting started”, where you learn to build, fly and become familiar with the development environment. The level of complexity goes up with other challenges, from machine learning to designing a new communications interface that connects to sensors and measures power ... the list is endless!

Typical challenges are virtual and run several weeks or months.

Since each challenge is different, it has its own rules and judging criteria. Be sure to read the rules.

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