The Challenges

Coding and Hardware Challenges

Virtual coding and hardware challenges are open to tech-enthusiasts, students, employees – everyone around the world! Work from where you are.

These coding and integration challenges facilitate familiarity with exciting new products and technologies on the market today.

Some challenges are as simple as “Getting started”, where you learn to build, fly and become familiar with the development environment. The level of complexity goes up with other challenges, from machine learning to designing a new communications interface that connects to sensors and measures power ... the list is endless!

The judging criteria is different for each challenge. Typical challenges will involve code and video submissions, which will be reviewed by the judging team.

HoverGames hands-on embedded hardware and coding challenges image

Societal Challenges

Societal Challenges image

The coding and hardware challenges culminate into societal challenges that solve a problem solving. Imagine building a drone system that identifies polluted areas and take action to clean it up for the community. Or fly a precision pattern to report on flood monitoring poles. It could even deliver medical supplies to a destination inaccessible by vehicles.

Special Event Challenges

In cooperation with partners, special events will incorporate the HoverGames drone development platform.